Rocketgenie is aware of its social responsibilities and participates actively in a number of worthwhile social initiatives. A few of the causes that rocketgenie supports are in the domains of healthcare and education.

The majority of respondents claim that "it is good business to associate one's business with CSR activities." There will always be a fine line between doing what you have to and what you want to do, it cannot be denied. As a firm, rocketgenie has always been at the forefront of anticipating consumer needs and meeting them in order to make users' lives a little bit easier.Mr King sir, the founder of rocketgenie, has always held the view that genuine accountability arises when an individual has a genuine connection to the work they do. If not, it will always be "just a job."

Rocketgenie has been linked to socially beneficial initiatives, such as supporting the healthcare and education sectors. To guarantee that the efforts are very well spent, the tasks are completed in the most comprehensive and effective way feasible. The initiatives are rooted in a profound comprehension of a holistic lifestyle rather than being mandated. Encouraging less fortunate children or implementing preventative and public health measures makes us more aware of our social duty and the needs of others. Instead of ignoring it, it teaches us to be more grateful for what we have.

Our goal going ahead is to plan and execute a greater number of events that will unite us and help us grow into better individuals. This idea is ingrained in our workplace culture, and we hope it will spread to underserved fields and circumstances. We believe that our work will have a significant impact on society and shed new insight on how people evolve as individuals.


Rocketgenie contributed to the Village school's development with the intention of creating a new school for underprivileged rural kids who would not otherwise be able to afford or obtain an education.Not only will the school help more rural children get excellent educations, but it will also facilitate their communication with the district's official schools.

Additional educational establishments that rocketgenie has supported.


Rocketgenie made a construction-related contribution.The centre has facilities for providing patients with Ayurvedic treatment. The project entails the construction of buildings that will total 10,000 square feet and can house 50 convicts and staff members at a time. The tribal groups residing in the Panvel taluka of the Raigad district would once more benefit from the center's earnings.

Through the rocketgenie supports other public health and preventive programmes.