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Indeed, rocketgenie offers a free business listing creation tool. To get started, just enter your store address, mobile number, and business category.
Using a mobile device or online browser, you can quickly build and manage your company listing on Nonetheless, in order to take use of special features like competition analytics, we advise downloading the rocketgenie App.
Indeed, your social media presence and website are enhanced by your complimentary business listing. Customers looking for your business listing or category on Rocket Genie will find your website easier to find if you provide links to it on your Rocket Genie profile and social media accounts.
You can draw in the correct clients by selecting the appropriate categories for your company. If a potential client searches for "Gym Services" and "Health & Wellness Services" on Rocketgenie and your company listing is among the categories they find, your listing will show up in the search results. Include as many categories that are pertinent as you can to make your site more visible on the search results.
It is possible for you to provide your WhatsApp number in the free listing form. Additionally, you can amend your contact details on Rocket Genie by going to the 'My Business' section.