171.7 Million
Unique visits each quarter in Q2-FY24
40.2 Million
Listings as of September 12, 2023
Paid campaigns as of September 12, 2023
145.8 Million
Ratings & reviews as of September 12, 2023
250 + Cities
More than 250 cities in India
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About Us

India's top local search engine, Rocketgenie Limited, serves customers throughout the country via a variety of channels, including text messaging (SMS), voice calls (voice, , mobile websites, apps (Android, iOS), and websites. Additionally, Rocketgenie has started offering its consumers "Search Plus" services. These services are designed to give customers easy access to multiple daily tasks via a single app. By doing this, it has become an enabler of these transactions rather than just a supplier of local search and associated data.

Additionally, Rocketgenie introduced RG Omni, an end-to-end business management solution designed to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) manage their operations more effectively online and establish a sufficient online presence through their own websites and mobile applications. In addition, it introduced RG Pay, a special way for customers and sellers to make speedy digital payments, and RG Social, which is its official social media sharing site where users can access carefully chosen news about current events. Through its Real Time Chat Messenger, the company also hopes to facilitate easy contact between consumers and companies.